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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Working Together for Student Success
District & School Plans

District Plan

This year, our School Plans reflect the use of a Spirals of Inquiry framework to articulate school improvement.  Through the framework of inquiry, the plans allow school communities to tell their unique stories, while continuing to have each school's focus fall within one of the three District goals of Literacy, Numeracy and School Completion.

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Sprirals of Inquiry Framework

The Spirals of Inquiry model for school improvement is centered on a critical question developed by the school staff.  Specifically, each school staff develops a question driven by three "big picture" questions that inform the Spiral of Inquiry process:

  1. What is going on for learners?
  2. How do we know?
  3. Why does it matter?

While these plans provide a snapshot in time, they are intended to be living documents that will continue to evolve to capture student, staff and parent voices as they reflect school growth, challenges and goals.  School Improvement Plans are ultimately intended to illustrate how students are being supported to be successful learners that embody the attributes of an Educated Citizen.  These attributes include (but are not limited to): students that are able to think critically and communicate clearly; are self-motivated, creative and have a positive self-image; are cooperative, principled and respectful of others; and are skilled and able to contribute to society generally, including the world of work.  We are excited to share the stories of our schools with you through these plans.


Carmi Elementary2020
Columbia Elementary2020
Giant's Head Elementary2020
Kaleden Elementary2020
Naramata Elementary2020
Parkway Elementary2020
Queen's Park Elementary2020
Trout Creek Elementary2020
Uplands Elementary2020
West Bench Elementary2020
Wiltse Elementary2020

KVR Middle2020
Skaha Lake Middle2020
Summerland Middle2020
Penticton Secondary2020
Princess Margaret Secondary2020
Summerland Secondary2020